BASC approval and new courses.

by Corinium Range

BASC approval and new courses.

Oct 23, 2014

BASC approval and new courses


Earlier in the week I made mention of both our BASC approval as well as some exciting new courses that we will be offering. Well, this morning my stamp of approval arrived so I have been busy updating the website with information on two new courses that we will be able to run. Whilst I have always run my own introductions to firearms sessions we now have access to a properly structured BASC course covering an array of topics for the novice rather than just being thrown in the deep end. This is a one day course covering many aspects including safety, law, shooting positions and maintenence as well as range time and once completed will result in a certificate of attendence, which could prove particularly useful when applying for a FAC. However, the Carcass handling and butchery course is the big one.

Whilst we are still putting the finishing touches to it with BASC, it is expected to be a 1 1/2 day course, combining carcass handling and gralloching and leading on to butchery of the carcass with individuals taking home their efforts. This will be a hands on course and will give novices seeking guidance on aspects of the gralloch some proper experience whilst being supervised every step of the way. It will also serve as valuable experience for any candidates hoping to progress to DSC Level 2. As soon as we have finalised details we will of course publish course dates. Safe shooting.