Training & Courses

At Corinium, we have established ourselves as the UK’s leading provider of training resources for deer stalking and driven boar shooting. We can offer a tailored package for any level of shooter. We are BASC-approved trainers and assessors, and are regularly assessed by BASC to ensure our standards are the highest possible.



This isn’t a course as such, but an introduction for novices to get hands-on with larger calibre rifles. In an hour, you will experience target acquisition and shot placement. This is an ideal “something different” birthday or Christmas present for the individual wishing to try rifle shooting.

£50 plus rifle hire and ammunition (see below), 1 hour. Contact us for a one-to-one appointment.



This course is aimed at the novice with an interest in starting rifle shooting and who will apply for their FAC. There are individuals who can supply a basic introduction to sporting firearms but only BASC have a structured course to give individuals a proper insight into the sport with both classroom based tutorials as well as practical and hands on modules.

The course includes:

This is a BASC-approved course and can only be taught by approved trainers.

£150, 3 hours. Contact us for a one-to-one appointment.



Level 1 shooting test practice is also available, using the correct silhouette target and includes coaching in the various positions used during the test. This can be invaluable to gain confidence in the different shooting positions required to attain a pass in this module.

£55, 1 hour plus rifle hire and ammunition (see below). Contact us for a one-to-one appointment


DSC LEVEL 1 - The backbone of deerstalking qualifications.

As one of only a few BASC-approved trainer/assessors, our course follows a three-day format, run in a friendly and relaxed environment at Charlton Village Hall, approximately three miles from the Range. Paul is noted for his no-nonsense approach and renowned for providing some light-hearted banter, that all combine to make the learning experience more enjoyable. The shooting test takes place on our own Range in small groups, enabling candidates to relax and shoot more accurately. An estate rifle and ammunition can be provided for those that require it, as well as recommendations on local hotels. Lunch can also be arranged. To see the venue & classroom please click here.

Cost - £300.00, 3 days. Includes comprehensive training manual, revision notes and DVD covering deer ecology and recognition. 

Deposit of £150 required, with the balance due a month before the course.

Those requiring use of the estate rifle will also be charged for the ammunition used for their shooting test on the day, (min 9 rounds, max 27 rounds) at £1 per round. Rifle hire is FOC.

Next scheduled dates: 

        June 8th-10th 2019 - Cancellation places only, please ask.

        August 31st-2nd September 2019 - places available.

        December 7th-9th 2019 - places available.

        March 14th-16th 2020 - places available

To book please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Cancellation, Rescheduling and Reallocation Policy

Should there be insufficient bookings, we reserve the right to cancel, or where possible reschedule, the course. In the interests of fairness we will aim to notify candidates of cancellation/rescheduling as soon as possible before the advertised start date. In the event of a candidate being unable to make the rescheduled date a full refund may be given, less the cost of the training pack. We strongly recommend that any accommodation you book is on a refundable basis, as we will not be responsible for any losses incurred in the event of the course being cancelled. If for any reason you cancel your place on the course then the following charges will apply:- Reallocation to another course more than 3 calendar months before the course start date £25. Cancellation more than 3 calendar months before the course start date £50. Reallocation less than 3 calendar months £90. Cancellation less than 3 calendar months but more than 6 calendar weeks £150. Cancellation less than 6 calendar weeks before the course start date £200. Please note that there will be a non-returnable charge of £45 for the training pack in the event of cancellation. Reallocation must be scheduled within a calendar year of the original course date for the above charges to apply. Other scenarios or exceptional circumstances on request.

An experienced candidate may wish to undertake the assessment only, without the training. This is possible by booking onto an assessment day only. Further details and costs are available on request.



This is a relatively new but much sought after and popular course. Many clients, having first gained their Level 1 certificate, ask us about a carcass handling demonstration, from the gralloch and inspection, through to producing a carcass fit to enter the food chain.

Most of us take this for granted, with novices often having to learn the hard way.

With this in mind, we now provide a course that will give individuals a deeper insight into carcass handling, extraction, gralloching and inspection. This will give a valuable insight into techniques required to go on and complete DSC Level 2, as well as providing carcasses suitable to enter the human food chain. A certificate of attendance will be issued that can be added to a Level 2 portfolio.

Held in small and ethical deer parks, the dates and venues are absolutely dependent on the Park Management cull program, so dates cannot be scheduled too far in advance.

Cost - £250 or £295 (Subject to venue and shooting), 1 day. Deposit of £150 required, with the balance due a month before the course. A light breakfast is provided, but not lunch.


To register your interest please email here, or call 07970 752275. We will then contact you when another course is scheduled.



Perceived as the pinnacle of deerstalking qualifications, level 2 requires three witnessed stalks that demonstrate stalking ability as well as carcass handling, inspection and preparation, each assessed by a DMQ Approved Witness. These stalks are then entered in to a portfolio, which could contain other such evidence that has been gathered prior to the submission of the portfolio to the assessment centre. Such evidence may include cull records as well as evidence from other stalks, letters from game dealers or butchers, or the CHAG Course such as the one we offer in the Pre-Level 2 Course.

Having built up the necessary experience and confidence, we can then arrange the necessary witnessed stalks, and can either travel to a candidate’s own ground or can help with ground over which to stalk a relevant animal.

Please contact us for details, email here, or call 07970 752275.


Use of the Estate Rifle

£10 per session, free to members



Target ammunition in .308 may be purchased for practice at £1 per round. Please enquire for other calibres.