We have a Home Office-approved club for sporting rifle shooters. Membership of a Home Office-approved club can often help with firearms licensing, giving the applicant good reason to obtain and use a firearm, and we are happy to help with the necessary paperwork for an application. Some of the benefits of membership are, (and not limited to),…


Annual Subscription

Static Club Membership includes use of all static targets (paper and steel), for regular stalking, target, zeroing and practice at a discounted hourly rate but does not include the discounted rates when using the Running Boar. Membership is £160 ANNUALLY, plus a one-off £60 joining fee.

Boar Club Membership includes everything listed above with the added benefit of the favourable rates when using the Running Boar. Membership is £385 for TWO YEARS, plus a one-off £60 joining fee.


Additional Information:

Ammunition for the estate rifle is £1.50 per round. If you have your own rifle and ammo there are no further charges.

Membership does not provide priority for bookings. Range appointments are always one-to-one for all visitors, subject to availability and first-come-first-served.

Please note, whilst becoming a member of any Home Office-approved club may help with your FAC application, it is imperative that you visit that club for purposeful practice. Constabularies can and will check club records for information on who attends, and often take a dim view on those using a club to gain a rifle but are not actually using the club to practice with it!

Prices are correct for 2022, and subject to review in January 2023.

Membership is only completed following a face-to-face chat, (a very informal interview if you like), and subsequent approval, and we would do that on your first booking with us.

Membership with us, as a Home Office-approved club, is possibly essential if you are applying for your first FAC, or useful if you want to add a suitable boar or larger calibre to an existing FAC.


If you are interested in joining our Club please get in touch here


Age Restrictions:
In line with current UK law, no one under the age of 14 may use a firearm. Those under 17 years old are not permitted to shoot with us, unless they are a current FAC holder, or a member of a Home Office-approved Club and are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian whose FAC contains the same firearm.