Corinium Rifle Range Air Rifle Gallery
Corinium Rifle Range Air Rifle Gallery
Corinium Rifle Range Air Rifle Gallery
Corinium Rifle Range Air Rifle Gallery

FAC Air Rifle Range - Fully-supervised Zeroing, Practice and Tuition


New for 2023!

Since we opened in 2008, we have always had enquiries from air rifle shooters as to whether we cater for their branch of the sport. Until last year, we solely concentrated on centre-fire rifles with a few rimfires thrown in for good measure.

Without going into the reasons that spurred me into action to plug this hole, we have now included the air rifle shooter in our facility. However, as always, we have approached it slightly differently.

Many of us started our shooting careers with air rifles of sub 12ft lbs and progressed to rimfire and then centre fire rifles. Over the last few years there has been a strong following developing in the use of higher power air rifles, FAC rated upwards of 12Ft lbs.

The use of these firearms has grown incredibly in both the USA and South Africa alike, for both hunting and target shooting with, many competitions worldwide, attracting shooters from around the globe with enormous sums of prize money up for grabs.

Having done our research, it would appear that their use in the UK is also increasing, with many licensing departments showing a marked preference for them over rimfire rifles in terms of safety.

To that end we now have a dedicated FAC air rifle range with a variety of targets out to 100m. They can also be used on our standard 100m range as well as the longer ranges out to 250m. We have joined forces with FX, Element Optics, Donny FL moderators and Sabre Tactical accessories and have several range rifles available for hire in .22, .25 and .30 calibres, all fitted with Element Optics and various accessories.

Alongside this, we have once again taken the initiative with a totally new club section, one for shooters aged 14 years and over; the FX Club. This will enable shooters aged over 14 years the opportunity to get behind, use and learn the fundamentals of rifle shooting in a totally safe environment with FAC-rated air rifles. This would also facilitate an application for their own FAC as a member of a Home Office-approved club, following which they could progress to larger calibres for target shooting or hunting. See here for details.


Up to 100m Range - With Your Own Rifle

Members - Weekdays £30, Weekends £40, per person per hour.

Non-members - Weekdays £40, Weekends £50, per person per hour.

This provides a fully supervised and private session with all equipment where needed. There are no extra charges for bringing your own ammunition. We can accommodate groups for extended sessions too; please ask for details.


Up to 100m Range - With Tuition

Members - Weekdays £40, Weekends £50, per person per hour, plus ammunition and air, (see below).

Non-members - Weekdays £50, Weekends £60, per person per hour, plus rifle hire, ammunition and air, (see below).

This provides a fully supervised and private one-to-one session with all equipment, advice, guidance and tuition where needed. We can accommodate groups for extended sessions too; please ask for details.




Use of the Estate Rifle:

£10 per session, free to member.



Price on application.


Compressed Air:

£5 per fill.


Age Restrictions:

In line with current UK law, no one under the age of 14 may use a firearm. Those under 17 years old are not permitted to shoot with us, unless they are a current FAC holder, or a member of a Home Office-approved Club and are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian whose FAC contains the same firearm.

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