Running Boar

In April 2015, we opened the first custom-built running boar range in the UK, to cater for the growing appetite of shooters travelling abroad to engage this exciting quarry. Since completion, we have established ourselves as the countries leading trainer for running targets.

Our 40m long, variable speed target, along with tuition from the UK’s only Aimpoint Shooting Academy trainer, has set us apart from any other UK moving target facility. With our extensive knowledge of continental boar shooting, and our experience with either selecting or adapting rifles and optics for the purpose, it makes us the number one choice for everything boar related.

Working either one-to-one or in small groups, we will take you through rifle fit and mount, target acquisition and shot placement, in order to kill the quarry cleanly and efficiently rather than just hitting it. We are the only UK running boar range to offer pay by the hour one-to-one tuition on moving targets. 

We are supported by, and have demo rifles from the sports leading names, Sauer and Blaser, along with Aimpoint and Swarovski Optics. Through our links with dealers we can recommend, supply and most importantly, fit the correct rifle and optic for your needs, along with any ancillary equipment such as cheekpieces and our own specially designed muzzle brake; the BoarBraker™.

The range is cleared to 10000 Ft lbs (13558 Joules), with no other restrictions, (such as requiring the use of moderators), making it possible to use any rifle suitable for boar. As an approved BASC Trainer, Paul is the only trainer in the UK to provide and assess the German Schiessnachweis for hunters visiting certain districts.

Along with our regular membership option, we also have a Running Boar membership, offering the same benefits of our standard Home Office-approved club along with significant savings on the boar range.


Running Boar With Tuition

Members - Weekdays £85, Weekends £95, per person per hour, plus rifle hire and ammunition if required, (see below).

Non-members - Weekdays £100, Weekends £110, per person per hour, plus rifle hire and ammunition if required, (see below).

This provides a fully supervised and private one-to-one session with the UK’s only Aimpoint Shooting Academy Trainer. Includes all equipment, advice and tuition. Rifle hire and ammunition are additional. We can accommodate groups for extended sessions; please ask for details.


Use of the Estate Rifle:

£12 per session, free to member



Target ammunition in .308 may be purchased for practice at £1.50 per round. Please enquire for other calibres.


Age Restrictions:

In line with current UK law, no one under the age of 14 may use a firearm. Those under 17 years old are not permitted to shoot with us, unless they are a current FAC holder, or a member of a Home Office-approved Club and are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian whose FAC contains the same firearm.