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To purchase any of these items please give us a call or send an email/text. At the moment we are unable to take payments through the website, however we can take card payments and send items in the normal mail-order way. Please do contact us.

Corinium Rifle Range Garmin Xero C1 Pro

Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph - IN STOCK!


The Xero C1 Pro chronograph makes ballistics calculations easy. This compact device fits in your back pocket, measures projectile velocities from 100 fps to 5,000 fps and provides the data you need to refine your equipment. Setup is simple and intuitive, thanks to the button-operated design. Compare velocity for every shot fired, track deviation and more in the ShotView smartphone app. It’s built to last, thanks to its IPX7 water-resistant rating. With up to 6 hours of battery life (2,000 shots) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll have plenty of time at the range.

Please email here or call 07970 752275 to place an order.

Corinium Rifle Range BoarBraker

BoarBraker™ Muzzle brake, stainless or blacked

£170 or £175 (stainless or blacked)

The BoarBraker™ was designed by Paul following months of research and development. Designed to tame even the heaviest calibres with no rearward blast. Hand turned from high quality stainless and turned to individual barrel profiles. An absolute necessity for driven game, allowing more rapid and effective target acquisition on follow up shots whilst reducing fatigue with no loss of rifle balance.

Available in most threads - £170.00 Stainless / £175.00 Blacked

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Snipers Cheek Piece

Custom Cheek Piece


Every rifle is designed for open sights, fact! Yet 95% of shooters now use a telescopic sight that raises the eye line some 1.5 inches above the average gun, in effect destroying any consistency in your shooting. Made from a combination of high density shock resistant foam and water-resistant diving grade Neoprene. The pad contains two specially shaped “patented” inserts that, when correctly fitted to the stock, will make contact with and cradle the cheek and jaw of the shooter. Both inserts are angled from front to back so moving the pad forward or backward along the comb of the rifle will raise the eye line above the axis of the bore to aid in the use of optical devices (scopes) and night-vision equipment and make shooting any rifle (especially heavy magnums) more comfortable.

Produced in a “one size fits all” to fit most full stocked rifles. Once correctly fitted, the CheekPiece will ensure every time you shoulder your rifle it will come to the same position every time you shoot! This will speed up target acquisition and be much more comfortable to shoot.

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range WipeOut Cleaning Fluid

WipeOut Tactical Advantage


An improved and updated version of the legendary Wipe-Out liquid. The new TA has improved carbon and copper-removing properties along with added corrosion prevention. This is now the only copper and carbon remover that Paul recommends along with Accelerator to speed up the cleaning process and features in the Corinium range blog on rifle cleaning. A truly fantastic product!

We also offer a Rifle Cleaning Clinic, for details or to purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range WipeOut Accelerator Cleaning Fluid

WipeOut Accelerator


This product is to be used with the improved version of the "original" Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner or Tactical Advantage. ACCELERATOR should not be used alone or with ANY other cleaning product. The new sister product is an answer to a problem where the shooter has a limited time in which to clean his firearm.

We have seen that there are a number of special situations where speed and extra cleaning is needed. ACCELERATOR is designed to speed up the effect of WIPEOUT within a given time period. It will double the amount of Carbon and Copper dissolved within that period.

We also offer a Rifle Cleaning Clinic, for details or to purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range WipeOut PatchOut Cleaning Fluid

Wipe-Out Patch-Out



  • will dissolve copper, bronze, cupro-nickel, brass fouling in the bore twice as fast and in half the time without brushing.

  • protects all metal parts including the bore against corrosion & rust.

  • is totally safe for all steels (both stainless and carbon)and all metal plating.

  • is harmless to modern gunstock finishes. (it is not for use on shellac, varnish or oil)

  • dissolves carbon without brushing

  • dissolves smokeless powder fouling, and black powder fouling, and primer fouling.

  • has colour indicators show the presence of metal fouling, powder fouling and carbon. (Metal fouling is navy blue, Powder fouling is grey or black, Carbon is tan or brown.)

  • is odourless, relatively safe and easy to use.

  • cannot gum or leave behind solids that render the firearm useless.

  • contains NO ACID and NO AMMONIA.

We also offer a Rifle Cleaning Clinic, for details or to purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Brunox Lub&Cor

Brunox Lub & Cor, 100ml Dropper Bottle



All-weather lubricant & high-tech corrosion protection agent for trade, industry and sports equipment.

Free of silicone, PTFE, graphite and nanoceramic particles.

Guaranteed lubricating properties to -41 ° C. Layer thickness 5-20 µm.

Very good corrosion protection. Long lubrication intervals. Dirt & water-repellent. Available in dropper bottle

Brilliant long-term storage and anti-corrosion protection: - Indoors 3 years, Covered 1 Year, Outdoors 5 months

4 times corrosion protection test winner. NSF H2 Certified

Must be removed from the rifle with Brunox Gun Care before shooting.

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Brunox Gun Care

Brunox Gun Care, 100ml pump spray


BRUNOX® Gun Care

High-quality gun care for fields of work, hunting, sporting and collectors.

Free of ammonia, silicone, PTFE, graphite and nanoceramic particles. No residue! NO OIL SHOT!

Guaranteed lubricating properties to - 55 ° C. No emulsifying!

Excellent barrel cleaner. Dissolves powder, lead, nickel, tombac & copper residues.

Neutral towards painted surfaces, leather, wood, rubber and plastic.

In use at leading ammunition & weapons manufacturers. Awards as a very good corrosion protection.

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Jakele Cleaning Kit

Jakele Field Cleaning Kit


The ultimate in simplicity and practicality. We trialled these products for 12 months, (before stocking them in any quantity), with two range rifles well over the 5000 round shot count with no other chemical cleaning; both retained factory accuracy with no noticeable carbon or copper build up. It works, that's why we use it!

Our kit Includes:

  • Synthetic covered steel cable for rifle barrel cleaning with an interchangeable loop for attaching the cleaning materials.
  • 10x Dual-use, colour-coded cleaning patches with rough and smooth sides
  • Brunox Turbo Cleaning fluid, 100ml
  • Brunox Lub & Cor, 100ml
  • Neoprene Pocket Pouch 

The Field Kit is available for all rifle calibres, from .17 up to .375 as well as most shotgun calibres.

Replacement patches are also available in all calibres as well as further loops and cleaning fluid. 

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.


Corinium Rifle Range Target & Hunting Ammunition



Should you require ammunition, either for your range visit or for stalking, please let us know at the time of booking; most calibres can be obtained.

If you keep your factory brass we can arrange for it to be professionally reloaded to your specification. Generally this can save you money in the long term with both hunting and target ammunition.

Alternatively we can create custom ammunition, designed specifically for your rifle in both lead & copper options.


To enquire please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range PH Jagt Rhino Combi Classic Quad Sticks

PH Jagt Rhino Shooting Quad Sticks


As designers of some of the earliest Quad sticks ever produced, we know what it takes when it comes to design and functionality. After years of having to settle for adequate, we have now joined forces with PH Jagt of Denmark to provide what we consider the best available telescopic sticks. We have tested these for several years alongside all the top brands, in every condition imaginable (including Africa where kit is tested to the limits), and we are now satisfied that these are simply the best quad sticks available, and at a price to suit most. Superb build quality, sturdy materials, flexibility and a custom-designed topmount cradle all add up to make these the ultimate Quad stick.

  • Wide rubbercoated front support, where the rifle can be adjusted approx. 5 cm side to side
  • Can be used with a Jakele Stability line (added extra)
  • Stepless telescopic adjustability - no holes
  • Can be adjusted/operated with one hand
  • Pin and rubber feet
  • Silent in the wind, no whistling
  • Corrosion free
  • Made in Denmark
  • Design protected and patented (Pat. No. PA 201770057)
  • Easy to travel with
  • Transport bag included

Can be used:

  • As a 1-legged shooting stick
  • As a 2-legged shooting stick
  • As a 3-legged shooting stick with the Jakele Stability Line
  • As a 4-legged shooting stick
  • As a 4-legged shooting stick, with one loose leg in the front for more flexibility
  • As a 5-legged shooting stick with the Jakele Stability Line
  • For running game
  • For shooting up and down, with legs adjusted in pairs at different levels
  • As a high bench for control shooting
  • In terrain with different levels

For more pictures of the sticks in use please click here.

Data: Weight approx. 1090g, Height max approx 185cm, height min assembled, approx 85cm, height min disassembled for transport approx. 75cm.

To purchase please email here, or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Jakele Stability Line

Jakele Stability Line


Jakele Stability Line - The optimal addition to any quad stick and provides the "5th leg" option.
Variable through foot position.
Adjustable in length with rapid adjustment.

To purchase or guidance, please email here or call 07970 752275.

Corinium Rifle Range Gift Voucher

£ - Gift Vouchers

£ - Any value or item you choose

Ideal for Christmas and Birthdays, why not give your loved one an "Introduction to Rifle Shooting" voucher or book a place on one of our courses as a surprise? Any service we provide, or even something bespoke to your needs can be turned in to a gift.

Emailed to you in full colour PDF format, you can either print your gift voucher or forward our email on to the recipient.

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