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During the last 18 months we have been working on a new concept in shooting sticks. Quad sticks are not a new invention and range from simple home made sets normally utilising garden canes or similar to commercially produced alloy sets with other versions falling somewhere between. Although still serviceable, many of the home made sets as well as the commercially available ones are lacking in attention to detail and flexibility.

This is where our sticks really stand out. The field trials by experienced stalkers and the hours of head scatching have led to what we consider the ultimate shooting sticks - tested literally to breaking point with many prototypes used and abused before arriving at a product we considered fit for purpose and which completely filled our needs.

In November 2012 we developed a set of sticks that had taken the concept of a four stick system but transformed it into what was effectively a one stick sytem yet with all the benefits of a quad pod. Over the next few months I used them extensively in the field with clients and had a number of adaptations made, it was only this extensive field trialling that led to the product we now supply and endorse and use in the field and on the range.

Early prototypes were made consisting of square poles with slots for hinges and cradles but it was soon apparent that a square pole was not comfortable to carry and a radius cutter transformed the individual legs into a round pole, the only issue then was they were too heavy and as a professional stalker I felt they had to be lighter so the legs were fluted and the weight problem was solved. The cradles themselves presented challenges of their own and had to be strengthened with alloy inserts initially to eliminate potential weaknesses, which could cause breakages when dropped. The hinges were further developed to provide protection of the wood when in contact with the ground and protect the mechanism from mud and snow. Small magnets are used at both ends of the stick to assist closing and help hold the pod together for carrying and for use as a walking aid for stability on steep or rough ground.

The sticks are all hand crafted, and finished with either stain or boiled linseed oil. Being a natural product the sticks need to be cared for with oil applied periodically to help keep the elements at bay. If the sticks get wet allow them to dry naturally to help eliminate warping.

Quad sticks have been around in various guises for some time but I believe the sticks we make take all the benefits of the quad system stability and with the added refinements, give us the ultimate shooting stick, so much so that shooting from the cradle is now my prefered shot. 

A number of sets were tested to their limits in South Africa last year where their stability and adaptabilty led to some fantastic animals being taken accurately and effectively where other stick designs would most certainly have fallen short, so much so that several sets will shortly be making their way to Africa for my outfitters PH's to use for their clients.

Each set is individually hand crafted from a range of hardwoods using top quality fittings with no compromises and we believe that these sticks are quite simply the best available. Many of my clients, both from stalking and on the range, have used them to great effect and instantly ordered sets.

As with every product we endorse, Blaser Rifles, Wipeout and Swarovski and Aimpoint optics, we invite prospective customers to come to the range and try a set of these fantastic sticks, the proof of the pudding is most definately in the eating and whilst the cost at first may seem prohibitative, once a set has been tried you will understand what all the fuss is about.

Call or email us for prices and availability.