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At Corinium, we specialise in firearms training and can offer a tailored package for any level of shooter. 


A quick search on the internet will reveal a huge lack of training facilities for people wanting to "have a go." Of course there are rifle clubs and the odd facility that specialise in longer range shooting, which is all well and good, but where do you go to master the basics?

At Corinium we can take an individual all the way from never having fired a rifle, through to DSC Level 2, and everything in between. This doesn't just apply to novices. More often than not we have clients who want to improve on a specific skill set such as, shooting off sticks, shot placement, getting the shot off quicker or rapid reloading for a follow up shot, as well as post shot preparation like carcass extraction and handling. There is simply nowhere else that offers this thorough and flexible approach in a safe and controlled environment, with one to one tuiton and guidance.

When we designed and built the range in 2009, it was with this in mind, not only to provide a safe facility for sporting rifle enthusiasts to set up and zero their firearms, but also provide the flexibility for every level of stalker to practice and hone their skills for 99% of the situations they were likely to encounter in the field. Ranging from a simple prone shot, to a standing or sitting shot or even an off the shoulder shot for dispatching a wounded animal. Of course there are limitations which we don't cater for, such as shots over 200 yards, but in reality we cater for stalkers and keep our ethics close to our ethos.

However, the training doesn't just stop with the hands on guidance, we can help on kit selection and usage including rifles, calibres and ammunition, as well as preparation for trips abroad and guided stalking in the UK. Although we have our own preferences we realise that everyones taste and more importantly budget differs, and with over 25 years of stalking experience we consider ourselves well versed in getting the preparation right, first time.

So, if you're wondering how to get into stalking or just want to polish your skills in a particular area, we can help.