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Mar 20, 2016

For the last few months we have been working on a new training initiative, a training program like no other. One that encompasses almost every aspect both stalkers and police authorities require.

It is a sad fact that police constabularies are looking for some kind of training or experience before granting Firearms certificates. For years, the DSC Level 1 has been the go-to course and we now run five or six courses a year. 

But what about the gaps, what about pre DSC1, Firearms awareness training, Humane dispatch? Often a course alone won't be 'good reason' enough, with experience on the ground or guided stalking a requirement. In reality, the police really aren't concerned whether you can hit a 4" area on a deer, what they are concerned with is hitting it safely! Demonstrating good reason is seldom enough these days, experience and training is what often tips the balance.

With this in mind and having taken advice from many avenues, we have put together a training program that takes candidates from start to finish so to speak, and provides a solid grounding along with documented progress and a portfolio of qualifications that will not only give the stalker all the information and training required, but give concrete evidence to police constabularies for firearms certificate applications.

The package includes:
Membership of a Home Office approved club (£120)
5 hours range time, including 100 rounds ammunition (£300)
2 Guided Stalks (£240)
Firearms Awareness Training Course (£150)
Humane Dispatch training (£125)
DSC Level 1 course (£295)
Carcass Handling and Gralloching course discount (£50)
On completion of the program, all candidates will receive a full portfolio to include:
Firearms Awareness Training Certificate
Certificate of Stalking and Safety competence
Certificate of attendance for Humane dispatch training
A covering letter and completed stalking booking form for use with FAC applications.
DSC 1 award (subject to successful completion)
Carcass handling and gralloching course voucher.
As can be seen, the individual elements done separately work out at £1155. Admittedly, the humane dispatch training could be considered unnecessary, we cover it because we believe it’s important to know what to do and how to do it legally above all else.
The cost of the entire program is £1000. As you progress through the training, you will receive certificates relevant to what you have covered to add to your portfolio as ongoing evidence to support FAC applications, variations and/or general interest.
Places on the program are very limited. We are widely acknowledged as one of the leading firearms trainers in the UK, with many years experience under our belts, we talk from experience and lead the way in initiatives like this.
Safe shooting.


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